GEO Investigate owns a range of specialist equipment designed to ensure we can access all site conditions to carry out all of your geotechnical drilling needs. 
Our range of drilling rigs can be mounted on four wheel drive trucks, trailer, excavator, or on our 12m purpose built barge.
Our experienced team of drillers are experts in their field, knowledgeable in the application of all geotechnical drilling techniques such as:

  • Continuous flight augering;
  • Hollow flight augering;
  • Down the hole hammer;
  • Rotary air drilling;
  • NMLC diamond coring; and
  • Wash boring.

Geotechnical Sampling & Testing
GEO Investigate personnel and equipment are capable of the full compliment of geotechnical sampling.  Whatever your sampling needs, GEO Investigate can deliver, offering the following geotechnical sampling options:

  • SPT
  • U50 Sampling
  • Packer testing
  • Resistivity testing

Environmental Drilling
Always able to provide our clients with a full range of geotechnical capabilities GEO Investigate are capable of drilling monitoring wells as well as other environmental drilling services.
Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWDs)
Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWDs) are used to measure pavement deflections in response to a stationary dynamic load, similar to a passing wheel load. The data obtained are used to evaluate the structural capacity of pavements for research, design, rehabilitation, and pavement management purposes.
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
GPR utilises electromagnetic waves to penetrate the ground and measures various properties of the reflecting waves to detect anomalies and assess properties of the subsurface soil. This data is collected continuously as the vehicle is driven down roads at normal driving speeds.
The main benefit of the GPR data is being able to literally see the changes in the structural section for long stretches of road without having to take cores.
Personnel & Equipment
We have developed and modified our drilling rigs and equipment to provide the best geotechnical drilling solutions for our clients.  With a focus on outcomes our people and equipment are keys to our success. Through stringent servicing of our equipment and continuous research and development of new technologies, GEO Investigate is confident that our equipment is well matched to the task. 
Our drilling team are professional and passionate about what they do. Our staff is regularly exposed to industry briefings, technology advancements and training programs that improve and update their skills and knowledge.  With combined geotechnical drilling experience in excess of 80 years, our people are fully capable of delivering your desired results.